FIRST PLACE - Debbi Weil, submitted in-person 10/2

Deerfields Bakery has been a part of our families’ lives since the 1970’s. Growing up in Deerfield in a large blended family (think Brady Bunch), Deerfields was always our bakery of choice, so much so that my older sister worked there when she was in high school.

As we all began raising our own children, it became apparent that there was an abundance of December birthdays, 12 in all! Soon a family tradition was born. Every December, when we gathered for our annual family Chanukah party, we also celebrated the many December birthdays. Throughout the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, Deerfields custom made a calendar cake with all of our birthdays and included a decoration that had a special meaning for that person. Every year we looked forward to seeing what our calendar cake would look like. Not only was the cake unique, but it was delicious as well. Several rounds of “Happy Birthday” were sung around the cake as we honored each December birthday.

Through the years, new December birthday kids were born, some members of the older generation have passed on and many of us are scattered around the country. But one thing is for certain, each and every one of us has fond memories of our December celebrations and the guest of honor...a delicious, unique, custom calendar cake from Deerfields! Our celebration wouldn’t be the same without Deerfields...you might say, it was the icing on the cake!

Happy birthday...Mark (4th), David (6th), Debbi (7th), Tracey (11th), Shirley (14th), Sol (15th), Michael (17th), Jamie (17th, Lauren (18th), Scott (21st), Elaine (23rd), Bill (30th). Happy Anniversary...Jason & Sarah (19th).

From our family to yours...Thank you Deerfields!

SECOND PLACE - Mary Cary, submitted via e-mail 9/30

Twenty one years after my wedding, I still remember my wedding cake from Deerfields Bakery. My future-husband-to-be and I decided that we’d have different tiers with different flavors—and, being the gentleman that he is, he allowed me to choose the flavors for the bottom (and largest!) tier. I chose a banana and chocolate cake with fudge buttercream filling. And, after we’d cut the cake, unlike many brides, I ate not only my slice, but most of my husband’s as well.

The next morning, before we left for our Hawaiian honeymoon, my mother-in-law put two containers in my carry-on bag and told me to open them when we arrived at our hotel. Sure enough, she’d saved a piece of my wedding cake and sent it along—just in case I was hungry when I got there. She did the same for my husband, who had his own choice of yellow cake with lemon filling. And, 24 hours and a plane ride later, it was still amazing. It’s a memory that makes me smile to this day.

Twenty-one years later, Deerfields remains the bakery that our family goes bananas over. We’ve turned to Deerfields time and time again for our three daughter’s Baptism and birthday cakes, and cookies and cupcakes for countless occasions. And, I have a feeling, that down the road there will be a need for a banana and chocolate wedding cake or two—and of course it will be from Deerfields.

THIRD PLACE - Gayle Bernacki, submitted via Facebook 10/5

When I was pregnant in late 1993, I used to drive through the Buffalo Grove drive thru EVERY DAY to buy a custard filled donut. I had my 68 cents or whatever exact change every day. One day, they did not have my donut and being pregnant, I started to cry...they pulled a donut from a catering order for me! After that they would see me coming and had it ready.

I have told so many people about this great customer service over the years and my 17 year old son loves custard filled donuts to this day. Love Deerfields Bakery!

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