Watermelon Slice with Bee

Creating delicious cakes is what Deerfields is all about. Our decorators are always happy to customize. To order, please visit one of our three convenient locations, or call us at 847-520-0068. Our customer service office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays 9am to 1pm.

Custom designs will be drawn on buttercream frosting only. They’re available in several sizes and require a full 48 hour notice.
*This is a special 1 layer round cake design that is cut in half then stacked and iced. Only standard BC for filling. Size will affect proportions.

Below are the BASE PRICES for this particular design.
Special cake flavors or deco changes may affect final price.
7" 1 Layer * Serves 3-5 * $24.45
8" 1 Layer * Serves 4-6 * $26.45
9" 1 Layer * Serves 5-8 * $31.45
10" 1 Layer * Serves 7-10 * $37.45
Additional sizes are available, see sales associate for details.

Watermelon Slice with Bee

Item: C2182
Price: G1#2


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