Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers are the sweetest thing in town. In the effort to improve your customer experience, we have baked off a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our bakery and our products.

Before you call or email with a question, please take a look here to see if we have an answer. We hope you find it useful.

Also see our wedding and shower FAQs.

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General Business

What are your hours? Where are your locations? What forms of payment do you accept? Do you cater? Do you deliver? Do you ship? What is your refund policy? Do I need to prepay for my special order, or can I pay when I pick it up?


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Do you rent out the upstairs area in your Buffalo Grove location for parties, meetings, etc? Do I have to place an order if I want something particular? How many days notice do you need for a cake order? How many days notice do you need for a cookie order? Can you personalize a cookie? What is the difference between butter cookies and sugar cookie? What size cake do I need? When can I cancel or change my order?

Special Food Needs

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Do you have sweet trays? Do you make sugar-free products? Do you have gluten-free products? Do you make special orders for people with allergies?


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Are the only cakes you do on your website? Do I have to refrigerate my cake? How long can I leave my cake out? How long does my frozen cake take to thaw? Are your cakes and or cookies peanut-free? Can I reserve a cake from your store to pick up later today? Do you use partially-hydrogenated oils (trans-fat)? Do you put pictures on cakes? What are you rules and guidelines for picture cakes? What flavor fillings do you have? What flavor cake do you have? What is the difference between white and yellow cake? Can I have my cake half chocolate and half vanilla? Can I have fresh strawberry filling in a side-by-side cake? What is the difference between buttercream frosting and whipped cream frosting? Why can’t I have whipped cream filling in a buttercream frosting cake? Why must a multi-layer cake have a filling? Why can’t I have fresh fruit filling in some cake orders? Why can’t I have a drawing on my whipped cream iced cake? Why can’t I have fresh banana filling in my cake decorated with a drawing? Why can’t I have 2 fresh fruit fillings in a cake frosted with buttercream? Can I have fresh strawberries in my wedding cake? Do you have wedding cake toppers? Why does my wedding cake need pillars? Do you put fresh flowers on the wedding cake? Do you do drawings on fudge frosting? Do you pre-slice your bakery products?

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