Deer Joe Coffee™

Four Delicious Joes

NoJoe Decaf and brimming with flavor, this joe serves up a full-bodied mug of dark roasted beans with a light, sweet flavor.
LoJoe Mellow with a hint of mischief, this light roasted joe keeps you on your toes with a merry, lighthearted flavor.
GoJoe Full of boundless gusto, this lively medium roasted joe kick starts your day with a bright, spirited flavor.
MoJoe For the caffeine diehard, this jolt of bold dark roasted beans delivers a robust, vivid flavor.

Environmentally Friendly

Fair Trade Fair trade means the coffee we buy comes from growers whose hard work is justly rewarded. The price we pay for our coffe allows our growers to use agricultural practices that protect the environment as well as providing the building blocks for community improvement.
USDA Organic means pesticides and herbicides that shouldn't be in your coffee aren't. Everyone (ecosystems, workers and you) is spared exposure to unsavory chemicals. Please note that NoJoe is not organic due to the decaffeination process.
Cup Swig out of forest-friendly cups made from renewable and composite materials, then please recycle them along with their hot sleeves. Deerfields uses Ecocontainers, manufactured by International Paper, made from three ingrediants: paper, water and corn, all of which break down over time.
20cents Bring in your own non-disposable, refillable coffee cup for 20¢ off our Deer Joe Coffee™ each time you visit (based on our regular size servings of 12, 16 and 20 ounces).


Joe On-The-Go Our new coffees are perfect for office gatherings or private parties, availably to-go in 96 oz. carafes for $15.69 each.

Tasty Pastries

Tasty Pastries Try any of our great pastries as a pairing to Deer Joe Coffee™.

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