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We hear it over and over again. Flavor is our best feature. When customers cut into what they describe as “a work of art” in cake, they are delighted to find it tastes as good as it looks. Yes, it’s true, our bakers are as talented as our decorators. We take great pride in our scratch recipes and, therefore, use only fresh quality ingredients, guaranteeing wonderful flavor.

Devil’s Food Cake
The difference between chocolate cake and devil’s food cake is in the baking soda, but the distinction is easily seen. Devil’s food has a rich dark chocolate color and, unlike most chocolate cake, it is far moister. (We have found none more moist than ours!) Your guests will be glad you shared.

Yellow (Vanilla) Cake
Don’t let tradition rule your taste buds. Our yellow cake is moist and still light enough in color to pass for white cake. The secret is in our family recipe.

White Cake
Available for “traditional” white cake lovers. White cake is an acquired taste and not recommended for those who expect an exceptionally moist cake, as the egg yolk is left out of the recipe. Can also be dyed pink or green.

Strawberry Cake
A fruity twist on a traditional white cake. Strawberry preserves are blended into the mix, and the result is both flavorful and colorful.

Fantasia (Marble)
Our house specialty is marbling the white cake and devil’s food cake together.

Pound Cake
Unlike the name suggests, our pound cake is light in taste and very moist
(it’s that dash of cream cheese we’ve added). Available in wedding cakes only.

Spice Cake
We start with our light, moist pound cake and add autumn spices to enjoy any time of year.

Banana Cake
So infused with bananas, you can smell the fruit. No secret here, real bananas are whipped into the mix.

Carrot Cake
Fresh carrot shavings, raisins and walnuts are loaded into the cake batter.
Made with all natural ingredients with no flavor substitutes, whatsoever.

Red Velvet Cake
The recipe for our most sumptuous, velvety red cake will remain a secret, but we can tell you the color of love is a perfect surprise in any cake.

Lemon Cake
Yellow cake made zesty with natural lemon flavor.

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