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cake layers
Every cake has a structural composition. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, even cupcakes. Our cake sylists begin with one, two or sometimes three moist cake layers. Between each layer a choice of filling is spread. Then the layers are placed on top of each other. Next, an application of icing is put on the sides and top of the structure, setting the stage for our cake sylists to create the design artistry a customer has selected.

Cake Layers make up the base of any cake. Some are round while others are rectangular, or “cut out” from a sheet into a shape. Deerfields has eleven delicious flavors from which to choose.

Fillings go between the cake layers and essentially hold the cake together. Here is an opportunity to custom-create a flavor extravaganza. Choose from Deerfields’ seventy two fillings, in almost any combination of flavors and textures.

Frosting really is the icing on the cake, as it offers the finishing surface of your entire cake in terms of appearance and taste. Deerfields offers an impressive forty three flavors from which to choose.

Decorations are made in classic buttercream or colored fondant, and range anywhere from flowers, balloons, and bubble figures, to custom drawings and decorative script. In fact, the sky’s the limit on color and design choice.

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